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Sapodillas tend to be found in the exotics isle of many retailers. They are not that common except in their countries of origin which is southern Mexico and Central America (Panama, Peurto Rica). Where they are endemic, the tree is known as níspero in the hispanic language. You find the tree in low and coastal forests.

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5 reviews for Kopra Pak
  1. f34t5wef

    Great products and great price

  2. 34rtww

    Just had my delivery. fruit and veg looks amazing and the lady was so friendly x

  3. 234wd

    Fruit and veg all very fresh and great quality. Fab value for money also!

  4. 2323ws

    Just received my £10 box. Got to say I am very impressed! Looking forward to everything in it.

  5. 234rws

    I am loving my weekly delivery . So fresh and longer lasting than any supermarket. You have to give this a try

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